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We are truly and deeply grateful...

This Leicester Lions website would not have been possible without the encouraging words and generous and selfless contributions of a whole host of wonderful people. Helmets off to...

Dave Bray, Dave Burton, Rolf Gramstad, Tim Grant, Janet Hambleton, Alan Jones, Andy Joyce, Jeff Higgott, Phil Hilton, Keith Laswon, Yvonne Naylor, Mike Patrick, Alan Rayfield, Martin & Lin Rogers, John Titman, Kevin Titman.


This site is not run for profit and provides a resource for fans past present and future of Leicester Lions and Leicester Hunters. The photographs and cuttings illustrated on this website have been provided from the personal collections of many lovely people for your enjoyment. Where possible permission has been sought from and granted by the copyright owner. If you own the copyright on one of the pictures on this site and have not been contacted please do get in touch and we will happily either provide an acknowledgement or remove the photo.

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