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Leicester Stadium, also known as Blackbird Road Stadium (despite sitting proudly on Parker Drive and not Blackbird Road!) was home to speedway, stock car racing and greyhound racing. Providing a capacity of 9,000 the stadium was built in 1929 and played host to the Hunters then the Lions. The threat of closure loomed over the stadium through the late '70s and early '80s. The stadium closed to speedway for the last time at the end of the 1983 season following the match against Belle Vue on 25th October (Lions lost 40-38 with Neil Collins top scoring on 10). The 'powers that be' decided that a few more houses for the city were more important than the sporting amenity that was Leicester Stadium. Actually I suspect that they didn't - they just saw the opportunity to top up their pensions and greed won out.

The stadium boasted one of the larger tracks in the British League. At 380m the track provided plenty of opportunity for passing which guaranteed exciting racing every week. Although looking a little shabby towards the end, the mock Tudor frontage to the grandstand was an imposing visual icon for the city.

Where the stadium stood in LE4 you will now find Danbury Drive, Tiptree Close, Galleywood Drive and Peldon Close.

Many thanks to Janet Hambleton for use of the photographs of Leicester Stadium.

Leicester Stadium (c)  
Janet Hambleton
The view from the road - the mock tudor fronted grandstand on Parker Drive was a city landmark.

Leicester Stadium (c) Janet 
The 4th bend - photographed in 1984 after the stadium had closed for the last time.

Leicester Stadium (c) Janet 
The giant scoreboard dominates the view over the first and second bend.
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